Why do we recommend getting your own subdomain?

We recommend using your own subdomain. In fact, with this you run the least risk of problems with retaining your tracking capabilities. With your own unique subdomain, it is very difficult for ad blockers to block this data stream. Therefore, we also recommend choosing a unique url for your subdomain. So, for example, don’t:

  • serversidetagging.taggrs.io
  • taggrs.taggrs.io
  • tagmanager.taggrs.io

But most of all, be creative. For example:

  • future-taggrs.io
  • improvement.taggrs.io

These creative subdomains reduce the risk of eventually being noticed and tagged by ad blockers.

Example: when you have a unique subdomain, it is less likely to be recognised by adblockers.


Another reason is when u use a TAGGRS subdomain this still involves third-party cookies, while opting for your own subdomain transitions to using first-party cookies. This helps for future proof tracking. Understand the difference between first and third-party cookies.