How to create a GA4 Client Trigger?

After you set a GTM tag, the next step is to choose the trigger. A trigger determines at what point a tag should be activated or “fired". This is an extremely important process because it helps to accurately collect and transmit the relevant data based on specific events or “events.

We would like the tag to forward all GA4 events. You will notice that the tag automatically matches specific GA4 events with general events. For example, a ‘view_item’ event on GA4 corresponds to a general ‘viewContent’ event, and an ‘add_to_cart’ event on GA4 is considered a general ‘addToCart’ event.

The result? These settings give you access to all GA4 events in your overall data collection, allowing you to collect and analyze data even more accurately and relevantly.

To forward all GA4 events, you can select the GA4 client trigger. In this guide, we’ll explain how to create this trigger.

GA4 Create Client Trigger

Step 1: create new trigger

Go to your servercontainer in GTM. (configure servercontainer first). Once created, within your workspace (server side) go to ‘Triggers’ and click on ‘New’.

workspace google tag manager triggers

Step 2: choose type of trigger

Click on the pencil at ‘Trigger Configuration’ and choose ‘Custom’ as the trigger type.

choose trigger type google tag manager

Step 3: set up trigger configuration

Select “Some events” under “This Triggers fires on". Then enter: ‘Client name – equals – GA4’. Name the trigger and click Save.

trigger configuration ga4 client tag