How is the Number of Requests Determined?

Wondering how we calculate the number of requests in TAGGRS for Server Side Tracking?

 It's automatically computed by our software and reflected in your Server Side Tracking account's overview. Several factors influence the number of requests:

Which Clients Are You Using?

Each client sends data to the server. You can use various clients; most businesses standardize on GA4. However, you might supplement this with Universal Analytics or a Data Tag. More clients mean more requests. For instance, using GA4 and Universal Analytics concurrently doubles your requests.

What's Your Website/App's Pageview Count?

Most requests are sent during a pageview. So, the more visitors and pages your site has, the higher the request count.

How Many Additional Events Are You Sending?

A pageview is just one event to measure. Many websites and webshops track more, like Purchase, add_to_cart, and view_item events. These additional e-commerce events increase your requests.

For further details, check out our blog on Server Side Tracking costs.