Everything you need to know as a Partner

Here you will find everything you need to know about becoming a partner and the benefits it offers. In addition, we will share information about the billing options we provide.

Interested in becoming a TAGGRS Partner?

This is possible once you have 3 paying customers. Becoming a partner offers attractive benefits, such as earning a lifetime commission up to 30% on each paying client. If you already have 3 paying customers in your account and are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us.

What Does Becoming a Partner Entail?

As a Partner, you join our partner program, unlocking various benefits, including an attractive kickback fee up to 30% per paying customer. Additionally, we have special badges for our partners. The Server Side Certified badge from TAGGRS symbolizes your mastery in Server Side Tracking with Google Tag Manager and TAGGRS, an emblem of excellence you can proudly showcase on your website.



Partner Levels

We have two partner levels, normal partner and premium partner.


Partner Dashboard

When becoming a partner with TAGGRS, you gain access to an enhanced dashboard within the TAGGRS software. 

Here can you find:

  • Overview of your containers.
  • Ability to add new containers.
  • View your partner account balance.

At any given time, you can have the balance on the partner account paid out. Simply upload an invoice with the correct details, and within 14 days, the money will be in your bank account.

Billing Options

At TAGGRS, we understand the importance of being flexible in payment options. For this reason, we have several billing options:

Direct Payment by the Customer:

Utilize an invitation link in the container dashboard to enable direct customer payments. The kickback fee applies from the third paying customer when using this option.

Billing via the Partner:

TAGGRS also allows billing to be fully managed by the partner. This gives you control, independence from customer responses, and a collective invoice each month for all your containers. Your financial status is easily viewed in our partner overview.

FAQ TAGGRS Partner account

  • When we have new clients we can add them to our account. Then the kickback fee is automatically settled?
    Yes, the containers under your account can be found under the partner dashboard. 

  • When customers cancel from my account, can they easily be removed from our partner account and continue on their own?
    Yes, we can change the ownership of the container which may allow the customer to continue on their own.

  • How much kickback fee do I get for the added containers.?
    20% lifetime kickback on every paying customer and 30% from 100 customers or more.