Consent Mode V2 Errors and Solutions

You have consent mode v2 set up in google tag manager but still run into problems. In this blog the most common (GTM) errors are discussed and possible solutions are given for them.

Here you will find the article on how to implement Consent Mode V2 (including Server Side Tracking 

Error: A tag read consent state before default was set

You may get this error when you are testing Consent Mode in Google Tag Manager. This error is not serious and does not  affect your tracking. So it does not mean that Consent Mode is not properly set up.

Cookiebot Banner not appearing on website

If you're encountering a scenario where the Cookiebot banner is not visible on your website, there are a couple of primary checks you should perform:

Check your subscription status

The visibility of the Cookiebot banner across your website is dependent on an active subscription. If your subscription has lapsed, Cookiebot may cease to display the banner, as it's a feature included in the service. To resolve this, verify your payment status in the Cookiebot dashboard and ensure your subscription is current.

Verify domain registration in Cookiebot

Another common reason for the banner's absence is the domain not being registered or properly configured within the Cookiebot system. Each domain where you want the banner to appear needs to be listed in your Cookiebot account. To fix this, log in to your Cookiebot account and check that all domains are correctly added and that the settings align with your implementation requirements.