Drop in Google Ads Remarketing Audience

Have You Noticed a Drop in Your Google Ads Remarketing Audience Since March? Since switching to consent mode version 2, in some cases, all remarketing audiences have completely disappeared. One of our experts Lowie Verschelden forwarded this solution.


The Following Google Ads Remarketing Settings Does Not Work:


Because in a standard GA4 implementation, for example, 'item_id' is sent, and the remarketing tag expects 'id'. A 'business_vertical' is also expected, which is usually not implemented by default.

Add a new custom javascript variable to your GA4 events (view_item etc) named 'rem_ids', this variable wil contain an array of all the item ids, e.g. ["item)id1", "item_id2", "item_id3", ..]

Add 'id' event parameter to individual GA4 tags in the web container (view_item_list, view_item, view_search_results, add_to_cart, purchase). Here's an example code:

The custom javascript variable can be made with this code in which you provide the items variable.

function() {
  var items = {{items}}; // Replace {{items}} with the correct Data Layer Variable that contains the items array
  var ids = items.map(function(item) {
    return item.item_id; // Collect only the item_id of each item
  return ids; // Returns an array of item_id values

React JSX

2. In your server container: 

In the server container, you must first create an event data variable 'ED | rem_ids' that retrieves the rem_ids, and then you can pass it along as an id in your google ads remarketing tag.



These are the main reasons for a drop in Google Ads Remarketing Audience. If your issue isn't listed here or if you've discovered another cause relevant to other users, send us a support ticket.