Server Container Not Receiving Incoming Requests with Cookieyes

You might encounter a scenario where your server container doesn't receive incoming requests while using Cookieyes. Let’s navigate through the potential cause and its solution to swiftly rectify your situation.

Cookieyes Setting Adjustment Needed

The primary reason your server container might be missing incoming requests is a specific setting within Cookieyes. In its advanced settings, you’ll find an option named "Allow Google tags before consent." If this feature is turned off, your server container will not properly receive incoming requests.

How to Fix:

Step 1: Enable Google Tags Before Consent

Head over to the advanced settings in your Cookieyes account. Look for the "Allow Google tags before consent" option. Activating this setting allows Google tags to load prior to obtaining user consent, which, in turn, ensures your server container starts receiving the incoming requests as intended.

Cookieyes consent mode allow google tags to fire before consent

Step 2: Confirm Changes and Test

After adjusting this setting, ensure that changes are saved and then test to confirm that your server container is now receiving requests. This can usually be verified by observing the incoming request logs within your TAGGRS dashboard.

Wrapping up

Adapting the "Allow Google tags before consent" setting within Cookieyes should effectively resolve the issue of your server container not receiving incoming requests. If, however, you're still facing challenges we encourage you to reach out through a support ticket.